Atlantis Fish and Chips Leeds

We are situated on Stainburn Parade, Moortown, Leeds. We are a family owned business and have been trading now since 2017. We pride ourselves on the quality of our fish and chips which are prepared in a traditional way and we endeavour to offer a personal and friendly service to all our customers.

We serve excellent quality haddock and source our chip potatoes from local Yorkshire farmers. We use a traditional batter recipe dating back over 100 years and can cook lightly battered fish, if you prefer it. We offer a selection of sauces including our own ‘steeped’ mushy peas & our own renowned ‘hot curry sauce’, if you like spice then you will love this product.

It has recently been said that the “great British fish and chip shop” has been judged to be more iconic than the Beatles, Princess Diana and the Queen. You will make your own mind up about that but we try to keep up the great tradition of Britain’s favourite take-away food. It is worth noting that it has been said that a plate of fish and chips has fewer calories than a pepperoni pizza and a lot fewer per portion than many other well-known fast food outlets with less fat, less sugar and much less salt* (unless you choose to add it to your meal!). You might be surprised but a fish and chip meal is a lot healthier than you might believe and well-prepared fish and chips can be part of a healthy diet.

We fry in good quality vegetable oil and all our meat products are cooked separately from our fish and chips.

*Source: NFFF (National Federation of Fish Friers)